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Camp Quality in China

  • Camp Quality in China

    China is a country where hospital condition are poor and hundreds of children are diagnosed with cancer each year. It is with this knowledge that Camp Quality finds itself drawn into playing a bigger role with the hope of bringing … Continue reading

  • Guangzhou Childhood Leukemia Study Group

    One of the major problems of evaluating the efficacy of treatment for pediatric cancer is the distribution of cases among many hospitals, and the case number in each hospital is relatively small. More important is the diversity of treatment protocols … Continue reading

china camps & events

  • A Green Oasis for my Soul

    I am a former patient of Zhongshan Second Hospital of Guangzhou. It has been nearly eight years since I was sick. Now I am a 16 year old student in senior high school. During my long period of illness, many … Continue reading

  • Happy Valley China Camp

    A wonderful 2-day camping experience for over 40 mainland campers took place last weekend. The Camp Quality group of companions set off early on the Saturday morning from the Shun Tak Terminal to Shekou to meet up with our little … Continue reading

  • Mission Hills Mid-Autumn Camp

    Last weekend over 40 lucky mainland campers got to enjoy a fruitful, healthy and happy early mid-autumn festival Camp at one of China’s most comprehensive and extensive leisure and recreational facilities – The Mission Hill’s Resort. Camp Quality had arranged … Continue reading

  • Mysterious Island Adventure Camp

    On February 3rd, Camp Quality organizes its first successful Chinese new-year camp for our Sun Yat Sen campers. With the Chinese New Year being one of the most important festivities of the year for mainlanders, we were all drawn to … Continue reading

  • Chim Long Paradise & Safari Camp

    Christmas came early for 40 of our mainland campers as Camp Quality took them on a two-day camping event with their Hong Kong companions to the new “Chim-Long” Amusement and Recreation Kingdom located in Panyu. As our group of companions … Continue reading

  • Deer Park Holiday Manor & Potter’s World of Magic

      Line up now…. Campers first! Look!.. There’s something moving down there! …… An afternoon of obstacle activities Yeah! It’s your turn now!…… Getting to know each other … … Kids, if you believe in yourself, you can do it!!! … Continue reading

  • Nanhai and Foshan Cultural Tour

    It was a very early start for our companions last weekend as we took 70 campers and companions for a two-day education tour of Nanhai and Foshan. After a three hour ferry ride, our enthusiastic companions reunited with our little … Continue reading

  • Amoy Shenzhen Plant Visit & Evergreen Rainforest Cultural Camp

    On Saturday 21st May, a group of over 40 companions and staff set off for Shenzhen to take our mainland campers for their two day Evergreen Tropical Rainforest Culture Camp. The weekend activities started when we met up with a … Continue reading

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